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Exploring Your Strategic Alternatives
You've Got More Choices than You Think

Are you a CEO who needs to make a big decisions on the future of your business? Should you stick with what you have or develop a new business niche? Cut costs and hold on, or commit to new capabilities and seek out new sales pathways? Remain independent, seek a partner or pursue an exit strategy?

With the relentless day-to-day demands of your business, it’s difficult to weigh all the available options. Have you avoided exploring your full range of strategic choices? 

This is where RH Rosen Associates comes in. With our experience in working with almost 600 graphic arts firms, we can provide a complete and balanced evaluation of all your choices.

Can you transform your business and hand it down to the next generation? Do you have the resources and ideas necessary? Might there be a merger partner who can offer you new opportunities while reducing your risks of ownership and easing your debt burdens? Is there a company that could be a genuine partner – sharing capabilities, opportunities and burdens in facing the new world of graphic arts? Is there some way to create liquidity for you to enjoy retirement while preserving opportunities for your family members and valued employees?

There’s good news in all of this. You have more choices than you think. We can help you see and evaluate all the options in making the right choices for you and your company.

We’ve sat in your seat, and faced the same choices you’re facing. We’ve bought companies, built companies and sold companies of our own. We know what it feels like to be in your shoes and we’ve helped lots of others to address such large issues. With a decision this important, why not draw on a resource that has helped so many others go through the process?

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