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Mergers & Acquisitions

Doing the right deals the right way

Mergers and acquisitions are our major specialty. Over the past thirty years we’ve worked closely with clients in completing dozens of transactions. We’ve also bought and sold seven graphic arts companies of our own, so we bring a hands-on view to the process.

We’ve presented seminars throughout North America on merger-related topics, and Bob Rosen’s articles on mergers have appeared in virtually every major industry publication. Bob is also the author of the industry-standard reference book, Mergers and Acquisitions: A Printer’s Handbook.

We’ve represented both buyers and sellers. We think this makes us more effective, since we understand transactions from both points of view.

More crucially, our operating experience helps us to identify good operating fits between companies. And we understand owners’ concerns, so we can effectively resolve many issues that industry outsiders aren’t able to unwind. That’s why we’ve been very successful in overcoming obstacles that so frequently stand in the way of getting a deal done — in bridging gaps between differing views of a business’s value, in allocating risks between buyers and sellers, or in finding paths to extra value that make it easier for both parties to say YES.

Whatever your reasons for considering a transaction, we can provide practical insights and the kind of first-hand experience that has made a real difference in our clients’ transaction results.

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