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New approaches to an old problem

Even before the Covid crisis, most CEOs were unhappy with their sales effort. They typically had  a long list of complaints. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Getting existing salespeople to focus on selling, not just managing accounts
  • Finding ways to connect with prospects when in-person meetings aren’t an option
  • Building a sales process that’s consistent and scalable
  • Finding salespeople who actually want to sell
  • Finding new ways to keep in touch with existing customers
  • Identifying the right kinds of customers
  • Building your company’s sales story
  • Creating a solid sales discovery process: learning what prospects (and clients) really need.
  • Identifying and penetrating high-yield vertical markets
  • Making sales compensation work the way it’s supposed to work
  • Encouraging traditional salespeople to sell new kinds of services

You’ll certainly want to focus your salespeople on the right accounts and we can help you hold your sales team accountable for results —  producing more sales by developing worthy prospects and improving their penetration of existing accounts.

We’ve found a number of ways to help clients improve their companies’ selling effectiveness: we. can help you to identify and focus on worthy accounts and interesting vertical market niches. And you’ll certainly want to  develop a path for finding the new salespeople you need. We can make sure your sales compensation works the way it’s supposed to work, and we can help you to improve account penetration through strategic pricing with target accounts.

And while we’re building your sales effectiveness, it’s probably time for you to be building your company’s market presence as well — creating a sales funnel for new prospects and for existing clients too. How can you use modern social media and other tools to build awareness of your company and start the process of moving people along the path to becoming enthusiastic clients and a reliable source of referrals?

It’s not complicated at all. It’s just taking an integrated approach — built around the understanding that sales and marketing are part of a continuing effort, with each element supporting and interacting with the other.

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Let's Talk

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