Surviving in a Changing Industry

Not so long ago, you could earn substantial profits by doing more or less the same things. You didn’t have to pursue lofty new visions. You could succeed by doing the same things as most other companies – just doing them better.

Many CEOs could generate solid profits by paying attention to nuts-and-bolts issues and being relentless in pursuing better results – especially in sales. They weren’t visionaries. They were getting superior results by doing lots of little things a little bit (or a lot) better.

Almost all printers must make wholesale changes in their business models – even yesterday’s top performers. You have to begin doing very different things in a very different manner – particularly in the sales and marketing areas.

You’ve got lots of choices, but avoiding change isn’t among them. Let’s face it: doing things the same old way hasn’t worked well for years. From here on, it’s not going to work at all!