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CEOs and triathlons

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Management Issues

Training to become the CEO your company needs

Many CEOs have serious hobbies. Some are serious about fitness. They commit serious time and attention to training, because they recognize that they won’t become skilled or fit without practice.

Yet those same CEOs believe that they don’t have to train to become more effective as CEOs. They’ll say: “I’m good at coming up with new ideas, but I’m too busy to stay focused on getting them completed.

Being a CEO is a lot like a triathlon. Many people are very good at one of the events and pretty good at another. But very few are good at all three. The smart ones work really hard on their weakest event, because they know that will make the biggest difference in their results.

Why not take the same approach to being a CEO? You’re obviously good at some parts of the job, but maybe not so good at others. Why not spend some time and effort in getting better at your weak spots?

  • You’re full of new ideas, but don’t turn them into action plans.
  • You expect results from your managers, but have no idea how they’re doing until it’s too late to do anything about it.
  • Everyone on your staff is busy, including you, but important projects get stuck – sometimes for years!

What actions are you taking to improve results?

Are you committed to raising your own performance and creating a significantly different outcome for your company?

It’s not easy to become a top-performing CEO. It requires focus and discipline – which the printing business makes even more difficult. It means letting go of busy-ness. It means doing some things that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable – just like improving your swimming for the triathlon.

You’ll try doing some new things, and some will work, and others won’t, but you’ll be learning as you go, and you’ll be smarter and more effective as you continue to learn from the process.

If you can make time for a morning workout, or a session with a personal trainer, why not take the same approach to your role as CEO? You’ll learn new skills, build new habits, and become better at your CEO tasks.

If you’ll commit to doing it, your company’s results will reward your efforts many times over. Your company will be producing the results you need because it’s getting what it needs from you!

You can become the CEO your company needs you to be, but it all starts with focus and with practice. I promise that your job will become easier – and the results will make you smile, not sweat.


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