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Bob Rosen's Book

So you’re the CEO! Why not act like it?

Bob’s new book will help you to think more clearly about your role as CEO:

  • Are you a prisoner of other people’s priorities — with no time to focus on your own priorities?

  • Are you tired of facing the same problems over and over?

  • Do you get stuck trying to solve big problems all at once?

  • Do you have the quality of help you need?

  • Do you find yourself doubting your judgment in complicated situations?

So You’re the CEO is written in easy-to-read two-page bites — designed to show you how to get unstuck. And stay unstuck.

It will help you become the CEO your company needs you to be — the CEO you want to be!

Coming in Q2, 2019! 

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    About Bob Rosen

    Bob Rosen is the former owner of six graphic arts companies whose career began on Wall Street, where he was an investment banker.

    Educated at Harvard College and NYU Graduate School of Business Administration, he acquired, operated and sold his companies over a period of ten years.

    Bob tried retirement and hated it, so he formed Rosen Associates to offer consulting services on CEO-level issues. Over thirty years, the firm has provided advisory services to the CEOs of more than 600 graphic arts companies.

    Bob is the author of the groundbreaking book for industry CEOs – The New Graphic Arts CEO. His articles have appeared in virtually every industry publication, and he is a frequent speaker on printing management topics throughout the English-speaking world.

    For the past four years, Bob has presented The CEO Roundtable – helping printing company CEOs to be the CEO their companies need. He also developed the industry’s CEO Course and Financial Management Course – both presented at Northwestern University. He is currently developing The Graphic Arts Institute – which will be presented in May, 2018.

    Bob served as President of New Jersey’s Association for the Graphic Arts, as a member of PIA’s National Manufacturing Management Committee, and as an advisor to PIA’s Financial Executives Group.

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    Let's Talk

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