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Turn Opportunities into Results

Turn Opportunities into Results

As the CEO, you have to create opportunities, and turn those opportunities into results. That’s easy to say… but much harder to do…

Add staff during a downturn? YES!

Add staff during a downturn? YES!

It was smart to “right-size” your company during the Covid-19 crisis, but are you disappointing customers by working with too small a staff?

Case Studies

Being Easy to Do Business With

You can change your customers’ experiences by making your company easy to do business with. It’s a huge competitive advantage.

Curing problem sales months

Every company has some problem sales months. Doing something to improve them — even a little — can have a surprisingly large impact on profits.

Getting Results from a New MIS

Few companies get the benefits they’re seeking from MIS systems. The problem isn’t with the new systems, it’s with their poor implementation.

Bob Rosen

About Bob Rosen

Bob Rosen is the former owner of six graphic arts companies whose career began on Wall Street, where he was an investment banker.

Educated at Harvard College and NYU Graduate School of Business Administration, he acquired, operated and sold his companies over a period of ten years.

Bob tried retirement and hated it, so he formed Rosen Associates to offer consulting services on CEO-level issues.  The firm has provided advisory services to the CEOs of more than 660 graphic arts companies.

Bob is the author of several groundbreaking books for industry CEOs, and his articles have appeared in virtually every industry publication.

He is a frequent speaker on printing management topics throughout the English-speaking world. For the past seven years, working with Mike Philie, Bob has presented The CEO Roundtable and The Graphic Arts CEO Forum. He also developed the industry’s CEO Course and Financial Management Course – both presented at Northwestern University.

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