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Doing more of the same just won’t work any more.

Let’s get results – soon!

It’s not rocket science, and don’t let anyone tell you it is.


Complicated solutions aren’t required.

You already know your business and what it needs. You just need to focus on the right things. The question isn’t whether you  know what to do.  It’s what will get in the way of you doing it?


Step by step. That’s the plan.

You can get started right away, without needless delay. Just choose your priorities, and move ahead. Step by step, then on to the next. It all starts with you refusing to remain a Prisoner of Other People’s Priorities.


Don’t be patient about seeing results.

There’s no need for a lengthy timeline. Small changes add up, and you’ll see progress quickly – in weeks and months, not years. Yes, you’ll certainly need persistence, but you won’t need much patience.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Doing the right deals the right way

We bring a hands-on view to mergers and acquisitions – having completed dozens of transactions for clients, and having bought and sold seven graphics arts companies of our own.

Opportunity Audit

A fresh look at your options

Business man at a crossroads

We start virtually all our assignments with an opportunity audit – seeking ways to improve results from your existing business, while identifying ways to move the business into the future.

Profit Improvement

Improving your results – THIS YEAR!

Paper boat sailing away from the others

Competitive pressures within the industry make it difficult for many companies to earn the profits they need. We help clients to develop comprehensive plans to improve their results.

Improving Competitiveness

Becoming easy to do business with

We often help firms improve their competitiveness – identifying and removing things that make them difficult to do business with, or less responsive to their clients.

Sales & Marketing Assistance

New approaches to an old problem

Traditional approaches to selling aren’t as effective as they once were, so we frequently help clients to develop practical ways to improve their selling effectiveness.

Business Transformation

Moving forward and being profitable too!

Many CEOs want to transform their companies, and get stuck. We help them find a path to the future while helping them to make money on the business they already have.

Don’t be too patient. You can start improving your results this month!