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A fresh look at your options

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Let’s schedule a 20-minute conversation.

Of course there are no quick solutions to serious issues, but a brief conversation might help you see a path to real progress — sooner than you thought.

CEOs often get stuck in dealing with some of their challenges. They know what they need to accomplish, but somehow don’t make the kind of progress they’re hoping for.

Covid-19 multiplied the challenges. But even before the crisis, most CEOs were struggling to make progress. Many had become Prisoners Of Other People’s Priorities  (P.O.O.P.P.!)  never being able to make time for their own priorities in dealing with their  companies’ challenges. In other cases, they may not have been getting the quality of help they needed from their managers. Or maybe they just hadn’t found a way to  break down their big issues into manageable pieces.

Whether you want to focus on a particular issue or just want to see if there are untapped opportunities within your company, an opportunity audit is a great place to start. We’ll look at your company from your perspective: what do you want from your business? What’s going well? What’s not going as well as it might?

We’ll look for your company’s most promising opportunities — finding ways to improve results from your existing business, while clarifying your alternatives for moving the business into the future.  We’ll take a close look at your sales effort, at your plant production, how you handle orders and do scheduling. We’ll speak with people throughout your company — and most importantly, with you..

We almost always find ways to improve results from the business you already have. Our experience as business owners and our years of consulting work equip us with practical ways to help you improve sales results, cut costs, improve productivity, reduce turnaround times and improve your responsiveness.

We’ll also be looking for new opportunities, and may offer recommendations for further penetrating existing clients, exploring vertical market opportunities or offering new services – all with specific steps for moving forward.

We’ll deliver detailed recommendations, with practical action steps you can implement immediately.

Whether you want to take a new look at your existing business or want to explore new opportunities, an opportunity audit will provide you with a fresh perspective that will clarify your choices and create a path to the kind of progress you’ve been wanting to make.

Don’t be too patient. You can start improving your results this month!